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Services that Differentiate

It has been our experience that many people fail to take the time to identify what they want out of life, leading them to waste time by reacting to life changes ineffectively. At Pacific Financial Group we complete a Guided Discovery process before proposing strateagies for how best to maximize your assets in the future. Learning what you want first allows us to work together pro-actively; not re-actively.

Many entering retirement, or those who are already retired, have become confused, frustrated, and concerned about their lack of control, and not knowing what to believe, or in whom they can trust.

The professionals at Pacific Financial Group can help eliminate confusion, relieve frustration, and remove uncertainties. We strive to develop a meaningful, financially successful, and trustworthy relationship.

If you are experiencing a one dimensional approach to financial planning, we feel that it may prove to be detrimental to your financial success. Your experience with the professionals at Pacific Financial Group offers the following:

  • We offer Guided Discovery, followed by comprehensive planning focusing on accumulation, distribution, and transfer strategies.
  • We are committed to providing Independent, Customized Solutions.
  • We offer periodic client meetings and reviews to maintain proper client communication.
  • We provide client newsletters.
  • We offer a wide variety of Alternative Solutions and periodic client-only educational training presentations.
  • We can put you in contact with CPA’s and estate planning attorneys.

Only after you have discovered what you want and where you want to be, can you make proactive choices that may allow you to enjoy your lifelong retirement dreams with a greater understanding of what living life is really all about.

The financial professionals at Pacific Financial Group focus on four areas that we believe are key to your financial freedom: Retirement Strategies, Investment Strategies, Business Planning, and Estate Planning.

As a part of our dedication to you, we not only help you plan your course of action but also implement it. We schedule annual client reviews to help ensure you’re on track to meet your goals. We also provide valuable information in the form of seminars and periodic newsletters to help ensure that you are up to date on information that could impact your financial planning.

We are committed to working with you as a lifetime financial partner.

When you succeed . . . we succeed.

*Through our affiliation at United Planners Financial Services we may offer the following services:

Our client services include:

  • Retirement – determining an accumulation and distribution strategy*
  • Structuring income for financial independence or retirement*
  • Retirement and Estate Planning*
  • Continuing client support seminars*
  • Estate and Stretch IRA planning*
  • Periodic reviews to help assure you meet your life-long goals*
  • Insurance needs analysis and strategies*
  • Periodic coordination with attorneys and accountants*
  • Retirement Planning*
  • Pension Maximization*
  • Life Insurance*
  • IRAs: SEP, Simple, Roth*
  • College Savings Plans*
  • Tax-deferred Investing*
  • Pension Distribution*
  • Custom Portfolio Investing*
  • Plan Design Consultants for: Defined Benefits, 401(k), 403(b), 457, planning and rollovers*
  • Investment Tax Strategies
  • Wealth Management*
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Estate Planning*
  • Estate Preservation & Wealth Transfer*
  • Business Continuation & Exit Strategy Planning for Business Owners*

We offer many different investments and insurance products designed to help fit your particular financial needs including:

  • Money Market Funds*
  • Stocks*
  • Bonds*
  • Managed Accounts*
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Mutual Funds*
  • Variable Annuities* and Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Life*, Universal Life, and Term Life Insurance