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Our Commitment

We believe in building a relationship to last a lifetime. It’s important to know that our commitment to excellence with you in mind is a way of life for us at Pacific Financial Group.

We are advisors who's fiduciary responsibility extends to what is appropriate for our clients’ needs and not that of any specific company or product. Our goal is to assure that your investments are tailored to your specific needs and time frames.

We believe that Trust is developed through many key areas of a relationship. It should begin with the knowledge of the advisor and education offered to the client.


Having a complete understanding of the big picture in your financial plan can add a feeling of confidence. We want you to have an understanding of the process in reaching your goals; not just implement it and expect you to accept it.

Having the knowledge and experience to help grow and protect our clients financial wealth is primary to our client relationships.

Our priority is to develop financial plans to put our client’s interests first and foremost.

Trust should be earned. We believe that Trust is established in a client-advisor relationship based on our never-ending commitment to the wellbeing of the client.

We offer you our commitment to honesty and integrity. We feel that our reputation precedes us as the example.

We want to be there to see your long term dreams come true and see all our efforts come to realization.

When you succeed . . . we succeed.