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Pacific Financial Group

Pacific Financial Group


Pacific Financial Group has clients throughout the United States. Perceptive investors, retirees, and business owners look to the professionals at Pacific Financial Group as a guide to their investments, financial planning, wealth development, and wealth preservation. The advisors have chosen to be under United Planners Financials Services an independent Broker Dealer Registered Investment Advisor.  This allows them to bring to you a robust offering of a diverse investment mix not tied to any single investment or product or company.  Advisors choosing to affiliate with an independent firm expands the options they can offer you exponentially, and doesn't keep them tied to or bound to offer proprietary only products that might not fit each individual needs.  

John began with a vision of a career based on deep family values that placed the highest regard on honesty, integrity, hard work, and service to others. An interest in aviation led John to establish JS Aviation, one of the first, and few, FAA Certified Repair Stations in the Sierra Foothills. The Federal Aviation Administration only certifies repair stations that maintain the highest standards of quality and accountability. During that time, a friend and client of John’s owned a financial services practice in Contra Costa County. It was that friend’s recognition of John’s business and finance knowledge, along with his personal loyalty and dedication to this client’s best interest, that he encouraged John to consider a career in the financial services industry.

John was introduced to a colleague, then a leading financial advisor in the country, that led to professional mentoring and guidance through the extensive process of obtaining numerous securities licenses and advanced designations. Subsequently, John acquired the practice of his friend in Contra Costa County and established Pacific Financial Group. Then, in 2001, John also acquired the practice of his former mentor.

John’s vision for his own financial practice has always been focused on giving sound advice and providing solutions, not the usual sales and trading practiced by many advisors in the financial services industry.

If you believe that experience counts; John has retired clients from numerous careers including: labor, professional, self-employed, health care, educators, federal, state, and county employees; and from many companies including: Pacific Bell, AT&T, PG&E, Chevron, Dow Chemical, United and American Airlines.

Today, John and his daughter, Serena Davis, are passionate about guiding and informing clients on how to help grow and protect their wealth.

Serena Davis has been working with clients to help meet their future financial goals since 2002.  She is now the managing partner of Pacific Financial Group.  She plays a critical role in assuring that all clients of Pacific Financial Group have a greater understanding of their investments and opportunities.  She is very familiar with public pension plans and often assists clients in understanding their benefits in the future and their abilities to suplement their pension with other investments to maintain a higher level of income in the future.

We focus on building personal and meaningful relationships by providing effective and efficient strategies to help grow and protect your personal wealth. Our goal is to help you maximize your assets so that you have more time and money for yourself, your loved ones, and the things that you truly care about.

When you succeed… we succeed.