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Top Five Questions

  1. When can I retire? The answer may surprise you. We take a look at your assets, future income and personal financial goals and then determine where you are in the timeline. Many of our clients have been surprised to find out how close they really are!

  2. Will my money last the rest of my lifetime? That depends on what your situation is today and how you plan for tomorrow. At Pacific Financial Group, we take a realistic approach to help you achieve your retirement goals.

  3. Have I waited too long to plan for my retirement? No. While we encourage people to start planning when they’re young, we help people of all ages, even when they are past the retirement age. It’s never too late.

  4. I don’t need a lot of money so how can I pass it on to my children and grandchildren? There are many ways depending on how your money is situated. With vast knowledge on IRA distributions, we understand the complex rules for keeping your money that you have worked so hard for, working for your family over several generations and assist you in creating a Financial Legacy.

  5. I want to be aggressive in my retirement planning but I also want to enjoy life. Can I do both? Once we determine your goals (both financial and personal) we can set up a plan that lets you have some fun while saving at the same time. We feel that saving money is like exercise, you have to have an approach that works for you.