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Business and Estate Planning

Business Planning

Whether you own your own business or earn a living as a consultant, you need to think about business planning. After all, you’ve worked hard to achieve what you have. 

At Pacific Financial Group, we help you set goals that can make long-term decisions much easier. We ask tough questions like, “Do you want to your business to continue after you’re gone or retire? Have you considered succession planning? How will you ensure that your employees are taken care of? Do you want your business to continue after you leave or retire? Have you considered succession planning? How will you ensure that your employees or family are taken care of? Do you want a business partner? Should you sell your stock? Would you like additional guidance through pension, profit-sharing or deferred employee compensation programs? 

Proper business planning may increase your bottom line through things like employee satisfaction, retention, tax-savings, and knowledge, and attracting qualified applicants. 

Because the professionals at Pacific Financial Group are your lifetime financial partners, we want to make sure you are continuously working toward your business financial goals. We’ll help you identify your goals, set realistic time frames, and implement a plan that helps give you confidence about your business. Our goals is to make sure your business financial planning complements your personal goal of financial freedom.

Estate Planning

Like most people, you’ve worked hard your whole life to create a financial legacy. But after the money has been accrued, how do you help ensure that it will benefit multiple generations? 

At Pacific Financial Group, we not only help our customers to achieve their retirement goals but also to provide for their loved ones down the road. As a lifetime financial partner, we work with you to help determine your financial goals today and far into the future. Then we implement an action plan to help meet those goals. 

The team at Pacific Financial Group is one of the most experienced IRA Distribution teams in Northern California with extensive knowledge in Stretch IRA planning. A Stretch IRA can help enable retirees to keep their pre-tax money growing tax-deferred or tax-advantaged not only over their lifetimes, but also over the lifetimes of their spouses, children and even grandchildren. This is done through provisions in the tax code, which have been largely overlooked in the past, to help maximize the benefits to second and perhaps third generation beneficiaries. 

For most people, knowing that their loved ones will be cared for is paramount to their thinking. Helping to provide financial freedom for spouses, children, grandchildren, parents or siblings is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. 

Let the professionls at Pacific Financial Group help you provide that gift.